THANK YOU is not enough to express the heartfelt gratitude I have experienced as a direct result from my contact with Drought Angels. It is so hard to put into words the benefits that your organisation has proved to truly be an “Angel” in a time of a farmers need.

I had not heard of Drought Angels until a recent google search and briefly looked at the web page due to lack of time. It sounded encouraging and possibly understanding, so I thought might be nice people to let down my guard with and ask for help and advice. From my initial email and my apprehension to contact, has now given me self-satisfaction that there are people who care.

People who care about farming, people who care about other individuals, people who care that we don’t need to do it all alone. When I received the initial phone call from Jenny, ever so quickly, I was in shock that someone could be so understanding, so thoughtful and someone actually cared what farmers where going through.

I was simply stunned that she offered us some vouchers over the phone and I did not know how to respond. I was so captivated with her initial caring phone call. From then, only days later and following my recent surgery, I received another phone call from Dean to say that he had a package for me to cheer me up and they will come and see me tomorrow.

I was somewhat bewildered and really didn’t understand what was actually happening. This morning Dean & Chris arrived for a chat and my husband and I enjoyed their relaxed personality, their interesting story and the support their short conversation had provided to us. It was a nice distraction to have some caring supportive people in our home and their explanation of Drought Angels was enlightening.

Then they gave us a couple packages of groceries before leaving as well as some packages for our adult son living in the old house on our property too. It was almost sad to see them go, yet humbling to see this caring organisation’s value here. As I was still feeling a bit exhausted after my surgery, I watched my husband open the 2 packages. To see him unpack each item and look at each with a sense of appreciation was very enlightening for me.

I opened the extra little gift of personal items which brought a tear to my eye. I looked at the paper insert that truly summed up why I was feeling so appreciated. Drought Angels are so perfectly named… an unbelievable strength was conveyed angelically with this small yet so prominent gesture. I kept thinking that somebody donated each of these items, donated to help farmers, donated to support what farmers do for Australia.

Each volunteer that helps sort, pack and deliver are so unbelievably generous in this instance. And the team and founders that put this organisation together are so empowering with this presence that has been delivered. Although one may think these phone calls, hand delivered grocery items and promise to help is such a small gesture….

That connection and understanding and appreciation for farmers, is the true spirit of Australia and is what keeps us going. So THANK YOU so very much, every single one of you.

Just wanted to send a big giant thank you from XXX stud. We cannot thank you and drought angels enough for this glimmer of hope. We are overwhelmed with feelings of relief and gratitude. We truly are speechless at your generosity. We eagerly await the arrival of hay and I will be going to Dubbo tomorrow start buying licks for the stock and calf pab and pellets for the 7 poddy calves and 45 weaners we have ATM.

The dogs will be thanking you too when I get them some protein biscuits. Your generosity today has sparked passion in the family. Thank you. I am more than happy for you to give my number to the truck driver to arrange a time after Easter to drop off hay. Again, I am so excited and thank you for all off what you have done. We will be awaiting excitedly to hear from you again. If tears of joy could open the skies and make it rain; it would be flooding here.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

To you amazing ladies and all of your amazing helpers/volunteers to make yesterday at Begonia possible! It was an overwhelming feeling being inundated with amazing fruit, months’ worth of food, bales of hay, bags of dog food and secret Santa presents. You really out did yourselves to provide us with an amazing day full of fun and laughter! The kids are still taking about how much fun they had. Thank you to everyone who donated! You are amazing generous people! You have made everyone so happy in this community! We are forever grateful!

Thank you once again! This is one experience we will never forget. Xxx

MY. GOODNESS!!! Totally blown away & very humbled by the generosity of the people who not only donated goods but their time, money & organisational genius behind the drought relief run to Begonia. Thank you. There’s not much more that can express how we feel other than the words of thank you. I was so excited that we were getting hay & dognuts ? I didn’t realise there would be dry goods, presents & fruit & vegies as well. I feel we don’t really deserve it all. And I may have put a few things aside for a friend in town that I think she will appreciate.

My eldest son, Jack, was so overwhelmed by it all that he actually said “Mum I’m going to head home” not long after we had loaded our boxes as he was there in his own vehicle.

I can only say that we do appreciate the time, effort, love, generosity & out & out caring that every one of you have put into orchestrating the whole show to Begonia. We didn’t stay for the evening’s entertainment as my father has been very unwell over the last few weeks and felt we should head home but we did enjoy lunch & a beer before leaving.

If there is any possible way, we could/can help out in the future please ask as we certainly will if at all possible.

Kind Regards to all of our Drought Angels

Once again, thank you so very much for all of the help and gifts you have provided us with…it renders us speechless that people are so kind and thoughtful and are making such a difference and impact during the hardship of drought. Our greatest thanks to you, and to all of the generous donators.

Happy New Year!

I wanted to say THANK YOU for the amazing Xmas gifts we received.  They arrived on the Friday before Xmas.  The kids were very excited and XX (and I) were very thankful to be thought of.  And then when we opened the gifts! OMG!!!  We have a tradition of opening one gift the Christmas Eve (normally I try to make it a clothes gift) and this year XX insisted that we give special thanks to the Drought Angels, and we all had to open those gifts.

I am so glad the big girls got the same gift as they were ecstatic!  XX tried to blow his footy up by mouth to play then and there and XX was keen to get sewing (I managed to put her off a couple of days, but she has sewn a pillow).  I am enjoying my gifts (had to keep them close as the girls liked them also).  But I think the person more thrilled was Dad.  He could not get over the torch.  He had just been talking about needing a torch for the truck when he’s doing night runs and wow what a torch!

I thank my lucky stars every day that you ladies have come into my life…I received our parcel in the mail today and my heart glowed with hope and love! Thank you so much for every single thing you do for us…it is truly appreciated in every way!

I really wanted to say a HUGE thankyou to you all for the amazing day you gave us at our little Begonia sports club last month. We feel so blessed that we are remembered in the tough times and the generosity of so many fellow Aussies makes me feel very humble.

You and your team lifted our spirits with the beautiful meals, program for kids, pampering, after dinner music and dancing, not to mention so many essentials that hit the nail on the head for  each and every one of us bushies. The hay, dogfood, groceries (including the beautiful fresh fruit and veg),toiletries, even the ingredients for the Christmas cake! (for which I thanked the T’ba Zonta team)  Our friends, neighbours and Community continue to talk about the wonderful day you gave us and we appreciate your care and support so much.

Christmas 2017 was SO SPECIAL because of your visit and we feel so blessed.

Thanks again

Both XX, I and the dogs would like to say a very heartfelt thank-you for your unexpected visit and deliveries. It felt like Christmas opening the box and bags.

It is very hard to express our feelings in person as it all gets a bit overwhelming at the time.

We realize that all this generosity comes about from the understanding and hard work of two incredible ladies and a lot of very generous gifts, donations and support from the wider community and businesses.

As a concept, I think we all find this generosity from strangers who may never actually see our area and the conditions incredible.  In reality, the message that goes along with this generosity and support is that people understand the importance of retaining farmers in whatever field they work in to provide the food and fiber all Australians depend on.  That message as much as anything gives us all renewed vigor to continue on persevering with what we are all doing out here.  For us it is a lifestyle choice, way of life and a job but at times it can be a little consuming. Thank-you does not seem to even commence to cover everything nor recognize your own personal time, commitment and sacrifices to accomplish what you are doing but all we can continue to say is THANK-YOU.

We hope your travels have continued to go well.

Many kind wishes xx


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