Supporting our aussie farmers

Whilst we pride ourselves on delivering heartfelt, individualised support, we have found the overwhelming common theme across our applications is that our farming families are in need of significant financial relief.

Financial relief offers sustainable relief to our farmers as it has an immediate and positive impact on those in need and resonates outward to the broader farming community.

Rural Australia is a fragile and interconnected ecosystem, as drought and other natural disasters not only have a crippling effect on our farmers, it is also seriously impacts the towns and communities that rely on farming for their existence.

At Drought Angels we pride ourselves on the support we offer. Being the first charity to provide pre-paid Visa’s back in 2014, we are also able to help sustain the economy within the local towns, effecting real change in the lives of entire farming communities.

At Drought Angels we as a team remain a united front in standing beside our primary producers. We understand the effects and time it takes to recover, hence our catch phrase “We won’t forget you”

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Loss of Income + No Local Spending = Communities in Crisis

The benefits of the personalised direct financial support Drought Angels delivers are…
  • Farmers have immediate access to funds.
  • Funds are delivered through the reliable and fully trackable Visa platform.
  • This efficient and cost effective delivery of funds ensures more of your donated
    dollar goes direct to the farmer.
  • Farmers can use the cards at their local shops and suppliers, which in turn
    supports their entire community.
  • Every dollar spent in a rural community goes around up to 6 or 7 times.
  • The farmer knows his /her greatest priorities and can spend the money
    accordingly with pre-paid Visa cards.
  • Discreet delivery – our cards look like an everyday key card enabling our
    farmers to provide for their family with dignity.

As you can see, this is a significant financial lifeline, but we need your help to continue to support those in need.


Campaigns and Appeals

Our focus is “the farmer, their towns and communities”.

Drought Angels are dedicated to supporting Aussie farmers through natural disasters.

Appeals are established when a natural disaster occurs to raise the funds required to assist the impacted farmers in an immediate response and during the recovery years that follow.

Each year Drought Angels launch their Buy A Farmer Christmas Lunch campaign on November 1st.  Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of giving and spending time with family and loved ones. For farmers in the grip of devastating natural disasters it can be an extremely difficult time, as many are unable to provide a special meal or gifts for their families to make the day memorable.

Our Buy A Farmer Christmas Lunch Campaign is a wonderful and timely opportunity to tell our farmers and their families that we care, and we will never forget them.

A hand-written personalised Christmas Card is sent to our farming families with a special message to remind them they are a part of our Drought Angels family and to deliver a special seasonal greeting from all Australians.  A Pre-Paid card is enclosed to help them put something special on the table for Christmas lunch.  The value of the card is determined by the success of each year’s campaign.

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Our Journey over time 2019/2020

Messages from our Farmers

"We would like to thank you so, so much for our beautiful surprise we received from you. The cards will be a great help to pay our outstanding bills we have at the moment.

Thank You so much for your generous support."

NSW Farmer

"I can't thank you guys enough with what you have done for me. I felt like an absolute failure last time we spoke and then I got the cards and also the card just before Father's Day, it all really lifted me. The chat was probably the best thing at that time and I realised that I'm not on my own and I will get through it all. Probably gave me the boost of hope and real talk that I needed. The chat was about real stuff that was happening and I knew there was no judgement and that no matter what happened it was all going to be OK eventually. I can't thank you enough. Really pulled me out of a dark place so thank you."

Western Australian Farmer

"Thank you all very much for your support and much needed help which you gave us. We are so grateful knowing "strangers" were helping us through hard times was heartwarming! Years of drought were hard enough, but to cop the devastating fire on top of that, was a real "kick in the guts". Hopefully some time in the future we can return you some support.
Once again, sincere thanks to you all. "

New South Wales Farming Family

"Just a note to thank you so much for the beautiful goodies you dropped off today. It was just like Christmas. It really was appreciated and a very big morale booster.

Thank you also for giving up your time to visit and deliver the goodies. You too have family that you are leaving behind whilst travelling. People like yourselves are very special. There maybe a lot of negativity in the world but acts of kindness like this make that negativity insignificant. From the bottom of our heart thank you. Travel safely."

" From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your kindness and support during our ordeal.

You are a wonderful organisation that supports farmers during droughts, fires and other disasters and we are all so blessed and grateful that you care."

Much love, Victorian fire affected farming family

"If you ever wanted to know if you’re making a difference, you are, and take it from me. I would love to see how many farmers have stayed on their property because of you guys. It’s the bloodlines and genetics that Australia can’t afford to lose.

You guys are real Aussies and are doing what real Aussies need to be doing"

NSW Farmer

"OH my gosh, it’s so wonderful to hear from you, we are doing well, and the grass is green, the flood took out fences and a dam wall, but we are ok. The calls are amazing, and I love hearing from you and talking about life and having a laugh. It isn’t like talking to a person in a call centre, you are a real person and feels like I’m talking to an old friend. It just shows that we aren’t forgotten and that you still care all this time later. Thank you so much."

NSW Farmer