Our Farm – Our Farmer Photo Competition

Are you a happy snapper, a budding photographer, a photography student or a professional photographer?

If you answered yes to any of the above, here is your chance to put your keen eye to good use and capture beauty through the lens of a camera or phone…

Our photo competition with a “Country Heart” is a great opportunity to not only win some amazing prizes; your images might also be featured on our Drought Angels website, social media platforms, official Drought Angels publications or even our 3rd Edition #PRAYFORRAIN shirt!

Whether you are from the country or the city, your life is connected to a farmer every day through the food you eat and the clothes you wear.

Ask yourself – what does farming/farm life mean to you?  Have you ever driven down a rural highway and happened upon a rural scene that instantly spoke to you and compelled you to pull over and capture the moment…?  Farming means something different to each and every Australian and we want to celebrate our Aussie farms and the farmers who care for them through the theme of our photo competition:

First Prize – 1 x 2nd Edition #PRAYFORRAIN shirt + 1 x DA Trucker Hat + 1 x DA Cattle Tag 

Second Prize – 1 x DA Navy Tee + 1 x DA Trucker Hat + 1 x DA Cattle Tag 

Third Prize – 1 x DA Trucker Hat + DA Cattle Tag 

Our Farm – Our Farmer

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