Long Drive for Drought

Long Drive for Drought was founded in 2019 by Brent Reeman in Brisbane, Australia, after being inspired to do something positive outside of the work he was doing with the same drought impacted communities across Queensland.
For years many Queensland towns have been living with the often unseen and indirect consequences of severe drought. However, there’s still a lack of awareness and understanding of how-to best support families and communities impacted by this natural disaster.
It was decided that a themed drive would be a great way to do something practical to showcase a number of iconic communities across Queensland, better understand and raise awareness to their current situation while connecting niche Landcruiser communities together to raise money for local charities and participate in local events.
The inaugural drive is aiming to bring 40 Series enthusiasts from across Queensland (and beyond) to travel across 2,300 kilometres of arid terrain through and 18 towns from Brisbane west of the Balonne River to Cunnamulla before looping back via Charleville en route to the Western Downs and back to Brisbane.

For more information visit www.longdrivefordrought.com.au.

Thank you, Brent and the Long Drive for Drought team for your support of Aussie farming families!

Fundraiser Expiry: 6/9/2020

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