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Our ability to continue supporting our Aussie Farmers is reliant on the generosity of people just like you.

Every dollar raised counts and will allow us to continue providing much needed assistance to our farming families.

By empowering our farmers with the ability to provide financially for their families, the impact of your contribution so often benefits entire rural communities through the money they spend in their local businesses.

Every dollar spent in a rural community circulates many times providing lasting economic and social benefits, particularly in times of hardship.

YOU can help make this happen by completing the below form TODAY to become one of our Angel FUNraisers! 

Fundraising FAQs

I have a fundraising idea - how do I get started?

We are constantly amazed by the creative fundraising ideas our Angel Fundraisers think of!    If you have come up with a fundraising activity you’d like to conduct in support of Drought Angels, the first step is to head to our application page to read our Fundraising Guidelines to ensure your activity will be suited to our organisation.

Once you are confident your fundraising idea falls within our guidelines, simply complete an Application to Fundraise and we will be in touch soon! (Please note: all applications will be processed within 14 days – if you have not heard from us within this period please email [email protected])

How do we know if a fundraiser in legitimate?

Approval is required for any individual, club or business wishing to support Drought Angels and can be sought by completing the application process found on our website.

It is important to us to understand who is fundraising on our behalf and the type of initiative they have underway. Every fundraiser must have a Letter of Approval from Drought Angels to be legitimate. Where a fundraiser has a Facebook event, details can be found on our Facebook Page.

If you have any concerns about a fundraiser you have become aware of please ask to see the Approval to Fundraise Letter, or contact us to confirm

My business or company would like to assist Drought Angels – how should we start?

Drought Angels rely on the support of many businesses, both big and small, to fulfill our mission to provide direct and timely financial assistance, essential resources and meaningful relief for Primary Producers across Australia impacted by drought and natural disasters.

This support can range from a simple fundraising arrangement conducted under a Letter of Authority through to a corporate sponsorship providing a major financial or resource contribution.

If your business is considering support that will include raising funds to donate to Drought Angels, please complete an Application to Fundraise and include details of your proposed support in the appropriate field.

If your business or company would like to assist Drought Angels in a sponsorship capacity not outlined above, please contact [email protected].

I’d like to organise a collection of non-perishable goods to donate to farming families?

Thanks so much for wishing to organise a goods collection on behalf of Drought Angels.  We are currently working on an exciting update to our website that will enable you to purchase items for direct delivery to our warehouse!  For further details please contact our Warehouse Manager at [email protected]

Fundraising Refund Terms & Conditions

To view our Fundraising refund terms and conditions please click  >>Here<<

Application to Fundraise

For Drought Angels Ltd

Please read our Fundraising Guidelines before completing this application to determine the appropriateness of your proposed fundraising activities.

If you feel your proposed activities fall within our guidelines, we look forward to receiving your application to organise a fundraising event in support of Drought Angels.

Please continue to complete the online application below.

All applications will be assessed within 14 days.  Once approved you will receive a letter authorising you to fundraise on behalf of Drought Angels and a Fundraising Toolkit, Fundraising Cashbook and other supporting documentation. If requested, you will also receive a Drought Angels Ltd Receipt Book .

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You as the Authorised Nominee, will be responsible for the return of the completed Fundraising Cashbook and Receipt Book (if applicable), and the deposit of all funds raised to Drought Angels Ltd within 30 days of your event or the expiry date of your Letter of Authority (whichever is later)

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