Fundraising Application

We value all enquiries from individuals, community groups and businesses that will assist us in raising awareness and funds to support our mission of providing relief to individuals or families who are or have been affected by droughts, floods or natural disaster. Any person raising funds for Drought Angels must comply with relevant laws and regulations within each State or Territory. We must approve and authorise all volunteer and fundraising activities that raise money for Drought Angels. To help us assess whether there is a good match with Drought Angels’ goals, we would appreciate you completing an Application to Fundraise form.

To assist you in preparing your proposal we have developed the following guidelines. If, after reading these guidelines, you believe your proposal meets all the requirements, we would welcome your submission. All Proposals to Fundraise will be responded within a reasonable time. If your proposal is compatible we will provide you with a letter giving you Authority to Fundraise on our behalf and a Fundraising Toolkit. The Toolkit is designed to assist you with the organisation of your event.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before completing your Application to Fundraise

  • Any fundraising activity undertaken by you to raise funds for Drought Angels will be conducted by you or your group/ committee and your sole responsibility as the applicant.
  • Any promotion material must clearly state that the event israising funds for Drought Angels”. It is not to be referred to as a Drought Angels event.
  • Drought Angels logo is a valuable brand. Any use of the logo must be approved by Drought Angels and any printed material using the logo must be authorised by Drought Angels before printing.  Any screen printing or embroidery of our logo is not allowed. Guidelines for using our logo will be included in the Fundraising Toolkit.
  • Any property belonging to Drought Angels i.e. Donation Boxes, Banners, receipt books etc must also be returned within 30 days. The named person on the application is responsible for the care and return of items and donations.
  • Any fundraising activity undertaken must fit within the relevant State or Territory fundraising law which specify that expenses must not exceed 40% of funds raised. Drought Angels cannot pay any expenses incurred by you.  You are responsible for payment of all expenses in relation to the agreed activity.
  • You cannot issue a receipt for funds raised. Only Drought Angels can issue a receipt for money raised on our behalf. If a receipt is required, relevant information must be recorded on the receipt templates provided in the Toolkit and receipts will be issued directly to the donor by Drought Angels.
  • A donation is described as an amount of money given with no expectation of a benefit in return for the amount given. Please be aware that tickets to attend fundraising events, purchase auction items, raffle tickets etc are not donations and therefore not eligible to receive a tax-deductible receipt.
  • A detailed Income and Expenditure sheet will be included in the Fundraising Toolkit and must be completed by you. This sheet, together with any receipts in relation to costs associated with the event, must be kept by you for seven years to satisfy the Australian Taxation Office.
  • Funds raised must be reconciled and forwarded to Drought Angels within 30 days of the completion of the fundraising activity.
  • Funds raised, and individual donations can be deposited directly to our bank account. Account details will be supplied with your Fundraising Toolkit. Donations can also be made at any time via our website and will be allocated as funds raised to your event total.
  • You are not authorised to deposit any funds raised into your personal bank account. Once you receive an authority to raise funds for Drought Angels any funds raised using our name must be deposited into our approved account.
  • Drought Angels or a representative will endeavour to attend fundraising events if required. This is at the discretion of Drought Angels and dependent on availability
  • Drought Angels is unable to provide any public liability insurance for any fundraising events organised by you.
  • Drought Angels accepts no responsibility for any accidents or incidents that occur during the organisation or running of the fundraising activity.
  • It is your responsibility to undertake the fundraising activity to gain any licences or approvals to operate your fundraising activity from relevant local and state authorities.
  • Whilst conducting a fundraising activity for Drought Angels and to protect the Drought Angels reputation, we ask that you and others assisting you act in an appropriate matter.
  • Any person who undertakes a fundraising activity on behalf of a registered charity without authorisation by that charity is acting outside of the law and can be prosecuted.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or cancel at any time the granting of a fundraising authority if we believe it is not in the best interests of you of Drought Angels.