To date, 16,048 people have donated online.

Drought Angels is a registered Not-for-Profit Charity who rely on public donations, corporate sponsors and grants.

Too many farmers are now facing the heartbreaking burden of losing stock blood lines that have taken years to breed or ultimately losing the family farm of generations.

Every dollar donated helps us keep our Aussie Farmers on the land, supports their families and the community’s wellbeing.

We don’t pretend to know how to solve every situation, we do know that every dollar counts and when a farmer calls Drought Angels, we know with your support we can direct the help that they need so desperately.

There are a few simple ways you can support Drought Angels, every farmer has different needs, mostly they are in need of every day essentials for their farm and family.  Every donation of $2 is tax deductible.

Please consider donating towards any of the below.

Every dollar counts to ensure we keep our farmers on the land. Weather it be $2 or $1,000 your donation assists us in supporting families with every day essentials and stock feed and helps us to cover fuel costs for transport which at times can lead into thousands of dollars. Without our farmers Australian produce [...]


Your donation of $100 allows us to give pre-paid visa's and fuel cards to families, which can be used to pay utility bills, fuel costs, school expenses, medical needs or stock feed. We encourage families to use these cards within their community to support the local businesses and town infrastructure. Every donated dollar counts to make a difference. Thank you.


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