Biggles Books – Ruff!

“Good dog, Biggles”

It’s what Farmer Joe says to me at the end of every day, and apart from “find the mouse” it’s my favourite thing in the world to hear.

Ruff!  I’m Biggles, and ruff – I am such a lucky dog. I live in the most amazing place a Jack Russel Terrier could want to live: yeah, that’s right – an Australian Farm! I know mate, it’s tops. Every single day there’s work to do, games to play and exciting smells that make my nose sizzle.

The Biggles books are delightful Australian picture books for children aged 2-6.

The central character is Biggles, a little Jack Russel who works on the farm. The book appeals to children through its delightful farm characters depicted in water colour illustration and playful rhyming verse. The book also captures the hearts of adults and teachers alike with the underlying theme of resilience, social intelligence and altruism. Each Biggles book comes with a free bookmark and free downloadable Teacher/Parent notes.

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